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Hey There

We appreciate your interest in joining The Curious Traveler Co. as you begin your adventure in the travel industry. We're excited to collaborate with individuals who share our passion for creating memorable travel experiences and establishing successful businesses.

All About Us

Hello! I'm Rachelle Eubanks, the proud owner of The Curious Traveler Co. My journey in the world of travel began much like many others, with childhood adventures and a natural inclination to organize and plan trips for family and friends. I can still remember browsing colorful brochures at the travel agency with my mom, which fueled my passion for exploration and connecting with different cultures.

Throughout my career, which spanned sales, training, and private equity, I've been fortunate to encounter inspiring mentors and leaders who have shaped my path. Yet, I reached a pivotal moment where I yearned for more than just corporate meetings devoid of impact and fulfillment. It was then that I realized the importance of pursuing something truly meaningful—something that resonated with my passion for travel and enabled me to empower fellow entrepreneurs on their own journeys.

In 2021, The Curious Traveler Co. was born. We are a small, full-service boutique travel agency dedicated to prioritizing the unique needs of our clients. My mission for our team is simple: to ensure you feel valued and empowered, while assisting you in surpassing client expectations and fostering business growth. This is achieved through comprehensive training, unwavering support, and a focus on cultivating confidence in your presentations, business strategies, and, above all, yourself.

Join us as we embark on this exciting adventure together. At The Curious Traveler Co., we're not just about booking trips; we're about creating unforgettable experiences and building lasting connections.

What we can do for YOU.

If you're new to the industry, our New Agent Training Program offers comprehensive guidance to start your journey as a home-based Travel Specialist with The Curious Traveler Co. This self-paced program includes mentoring sessions with the owner, Rachelle Eubanks, along with training on strategic business planning, client service, and much more.

Alternatively, if you're an experienced travel advisor, we invite you to apply to join our agency, where you will have access to mentoring, and training to grow your business.

Our training program includes:

  • Mentorship from Rachelle Eubanks, the owner of The Curious Traveler Co.

  • Access to one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Monthly team meetings

  • Private Facebook group for support and networking

  • Training and education from leading suppliers such as Seabourn, Royal Caribbean, Viking, Sandals, and more.

  • Comprehensive online learning system

  • Quote and Proposal Training

  • Opportunity to attend an Annual Retreat

Business foundations established for you, including:

  • Travel agent credentials - Seller of Travel Licenses, Error and Omission Insurance Coverage, ASTA Membership, path to earn CLIA card

  • Business page on our website

  • Curious Traveler email

  • Client management tools - CRM to keep track of clients, proposals, leads, and bookings.

  • Email Marketing Program

  • Monthly Newsletters

Training to grow your business, including:

  • Curriculum covering sales, marketing, operations, and industry knowledge

  • Leadership Training

  • Facebook Group Training

By joining our agency, you'll receive all the benefits of our program and personal mentoring from Rachelle, saving you both time and money compared to purchasing each program individually.

We offer a low-cost startup fee of just $200, which covers training and onboarding for new agents. Experienced agents may waive the training portion. In the third month, a monthly administration fee of $40 begins, covering ongoing tool costs such as email, CRM, email, and E&O insurance.

If you're excited to learn more about this opportunity, please fill out our quick form below, and we'll be in touch within a few days!

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